Friday 21 November 2014

Grandma Skirt and Stolen Jumper.

Jumper - A Friend (Not actually stolen)
Skirt - Charity Shop
Belt - Flea Market
Crop Top - Supre (NZ)
Shoes - Converse via eBay

Before you ring the police and hang a reward around my neck, this jumper isn't actually stolen. Only partly. The poor thing had been squatting in my house for a fair few weeks after a friend had carelessly left it behind. I just couldn't have it stay rent-free and so decided to take matters into my own hands - then my arms and before you know it the damn jumper was taking up residence on my body. At first I thought I'd only wear it the once, wash it and then return it. However, that first time got me hooked and spiraled into a lengthy and sneaky love affair where I managed to wear it and wash it multiple times; now with no intention of ever returning it. So you see, it wasn't technically stealing. How can it be stealing when it chose me?

Also, please do not be fooled into thinking Montpellier has somehow managed to evade winter. These photos are highly misleading and were taken a fair few weeks ago, oops. Nevertheless, add a pair of tights, boots and a nice scarf and jacket combo and this outfit will take you right through to winter. That's one thing I really love about this skirt and has made me get more wear out of it than I initially imagined. I reckon it is all down to the colour. Although the floral print boasts notions of spring and summer, the dark blue background makes it a piece that easily transitions into the colder months making this skirt the perfect all-rounder, score. 

On a personal note I went on a little trip to Nimes on Wednesday, staying overnight - in a rather grotty hotel it has to be said - but it was so much fun. One of my friend's brother is in a band called Tenterhook who were playing at Paloma (a venue in Nimes) along side another awesome Icelandic band called Asgeir. I've added videos below so make sure you give them a listen, your ears will thank me. 

Being a busy bee has meant I haven't had time to get snap some new outfit pics just yet, though hopefully I'll get round to it soon. I am also so glad to share the amazing news that my Erasmus grant is finally coming through!! I was supposed to receive it as soon as I started my year here in Montpellier, then they said mid October, then they said end of October - but finally now I should be getting it at the end of this month. Phew. It's such a weight off my shoulders as I was beginning to panic about paying my rent and flights home for Christmas. Also allows me to get all excited for Christmas and buying presents for people. They've put up a huge tree in La Place de la Comedie and it's got me all giddy. On that note, I shall leave you with a couple song.

Because they will give you an eargasm. 


  1. You look so cute! Obvs the jumper had to earn it's keep x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. You look HELLA HOT in that skirt and I am jealous and I want it. You always look beyond stylish. I wish my internet connection could handle loading a Youtube video right now, so I could listen to those tracks!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  3. That skirt is so pretty! I love the midi length! I don't blame you for wearing the jumper haha, I think I would have as well.. I'm a sucker for jumpers anyway and that one is a great colour for A/W :)

    Louise /

  4. I love this outfit, very wintery! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  5. Everyone's guilty of 'borrowing' a friends clothes from time to time. Love your skirt! x
    eleanor's adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  6. such a cute outfit!

    from helen at

    ps. if you want to, enter my christmas giveaway to win £660+ worth of beauty products! click here.

  7. sooo cute! you look beautiful xo

  8. This is such a cute look! Love that grandma skirt :) Following you on bloglovin & GFC if you'd like to follow back!

    Chow Down USA

  9. I love this grandma skirt, its so pretty. Lovely outfit choice for Autumn.

  10. your outfits are so great!! I've followed your blog can't wait to see your future posts!

    cat / je suis cat


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