Hello. I'm Safiya and this is my new piece of the internet pie. My old piece of the internet pie can be found here if you ever have the desire to have a good ol' stalk. I'm a 20 year old English Literature and creative writing student and, despite a strong love for reading, I am probably the worst read Literature student there is. I still haven't read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and I wrote an essay on the damned thing. 

Although I'm a University of Kent student (go UKC!) I'm living it up in Montpellier in the south of France for my year abroad. This city is so bloody amazing I may never go back to rainy England and instead get fat on fresh baguettes and cheese for all eternity. Well, there are worse ways to go. 

As a student I love a good bargain yet still want to maintain what little street cred I have by dressing mega cool (pahaha). So I want to turn my here piece of the internet pie into a creative space for me to show off said mega cool dress sense and bargain hunting expertise. Expect insights into my life and a showering of cat pictures here and there. 

Please note: I am very sarcastic and don't take myself too seriously. 

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