Thursday, 18 December 2014

Summery Dress and Winter Jumper.

Denim Jacket - Charity Shop
Scarf - From a Friend
Jumper - Charity Shop
Dress - H&M
Boots - ASOS

I finally did it. I pulled through and managed to sit all 10 exams in the space of one week; two of which were 3 hours long each, I might add. My brain is thoroughly frazzled and my right hand is still recovering from writing pages upon pages of essays. I've had little time to relax in all honesty as it has been a mad rush to buy Christmas presents and organise everything for flying back home. Having said that I am really getting into the Christmas spirit of things as the atmosphere here in Montpellier is just so uplifting and magical. I think that comes with living in a city with all the lights and constant smell of mulled wine and roasting chestnuts in the air. The Christmas market is also lovely and I just wish I had enough space in my suitcase to buy something from each stall. 

As well as Christmas shopping, my friend and I managed to get some tickets to see Swan Lake for just 10 Euros each. It was my first experience watching a ballet and it was phenomenal. Although I am more of a fan of contemporary dance, ballet appears so unbelievably effortless and really demonstrates the amazing capabilities of the human body that I cannot help but fall in love with it. Just imagine how much blood, sweat and tears go into rehearsing for one production which is over in 2 hours. It's incredible. 

Shall we move onto fashion? Summery dresses with jumpers chucked over the top = my favourite winter combo. It helps that this particular dress has dark tones which makes it easy to team with wintry colours such as black. I picked up this jumper in a charity shop a couple of years ago and haven't really got much wear out of it until recently. I'm so glad I have rediscovered it, however, as it has become a firm staple in my winter wardrobe. Also, it is the warmest jumper, I can even wear it without a jacket. Although, as it was a particularly cold day here in Montpellier (which is rare lemmie tell ya: currently 18 degrees, what?) I decided to throw on my denim jacket for a little extra warmth. I also think the light wash denim and cream scarf help brighten up the outfit and make it look more cozy and casual. I just had to add my lovely new desert boots and I was good to go. 

I have a tonne of preparation to do for my return to England mainly being cleaning and packing, urgh. However, on the bright side I am going out for crepes and ice-skating this evening with my friends. It will a be bitter sweet evening as one of my friends was only here for one semester and is spending the next in Madrid. Although it's really sad and I will miss her lots, it does mean I have a cool place to go and visit her. Silver lining and all that.

Because it's my new fave Christmas song. 

Monday, 8 December 2014

Brother's Coat and Corduroy Skirt.

Coat - Hand-me-down From Brother
Scarf - From a Friend
Cardigan - Charity Shop
Top - From a Friend
Skirt - Charity Shop
Belt - Vintage
Chelsea Boots - Office

Excuse me while I just give myself a pat on the back for once again creating an outfit consisting of only second hand clothes (except for the shoes - damn you Chelsea boots!). So, congratulations to me and wearing shit other people didn't want which, haha. As I've previously mentioned, does make me just a little bit smug inside and even more so considering three of these items were freeeeee. The first being this lovely brown coat that was previously owned by my younger brother, yes I did say younger. Fortunately for me his monkey arms quickly outgrew it and forced it to relocation to my wardrobe. The texture is a little hard to describe so the best I can give you is that it's a very fine corduroy/ fake suede / canvas. Hope that paints the picture I'm going for here. Regardless, it's really warm and even boasts an inner breast pocket where I like to keep my phone for safe keeping. Also means I actually know when I'm being rung as it vibrates on my boob as opposed to me rifling through my back and finding 16 missed called. First world problems eh? Handy pockets aside, the coolest bit about this coat (sarcasm alert) is that it has a little metal embellishment on the breast saying 'FASHION' - just in case I ever forget who and what I am. 

The top and skirt are two firm favourites of my current wardrobe and get worn so much I swear my other items get jealous. The skirt was a fantastic find in a charity shop whilst I was gallivanting across New Zealand a couple of years ago. When I bought it, however, it was twice the length and really mumsy but not in a good way - so I hacked away at it with my scissors, ran a straight stitch along the bottom and then bam, fab new skirt! I've always been a fan of DIY and trying to make something out of nothing as my mum would say. 

On a personal note, I am currently in the midst of my many exams and just feeling so pooey about it and sorry for myself. I've done four exams and still have six to go - urgh. I just keep thinking how great it will be when I'm done and I can finally get into the Christmas spirit. Saturday 13th December is my last exam and will be a great day! Mark it in your calendars people as the day I either get drunk or just sleep a hell of a lot. It could very well be a combination of the two. 

My old French teacher used to play this to keep us motivated, and right now I need all the motivation I can get.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Wants But Cant Haves #2 Christmas Edition.

Eep it's December! I originally wanted to get this up on the 1st but I have been so bogged down with university work that it's a tad late. However, I have literally been revising non-stop for the past week and will continue to do so until my exams are over. Ten exams in the space of a week and no time off to revise is really kicking me in the balls - well if I had any. I digress, point being France is poop when it comes to exams; seriously how do you Frenchies do it? I'm drowning under a sea of mind-maps and flash cards. So, as a way to keep myself half sane I thought I would compile a little personal wishlist for Christmas, which, although is pretty self-centered, could be used as inspiration for presents you want to buy for others or even yourself. No harm in a little self love! So here is my second installment of 'Wants But Can't Haves' the Christmas Edition. 

Heats and bows Tartan Shorts - I am a massive fan of tartan for all year round but there is something oh so very Christmassy about it. These shorts are a nice twist on the classic school-girl skirt but still have that preppy vibe. 

Lush Sex Bomb - Everyone loves a bath bomb and I am a firm believer in that Lush sell the best ones ever. Not only are they all made from cruelty free natural ingredients they also smell ah-ma-zing. Sex Bomb is one of my all time faves and turns your bath water a lovely pink colour so you feel like a princess. 

River Island Gold Glitter Platforms - It wouldn't be a Christmas wishlist without some glitter and these platforms would be the perfect way to add a bit of festive sparkle to any outfit. With the weather being so cold I'd pair these with some quirky socks to add a bit of fun - it is Christmas after all. 

Lamoda Thigh High Boots - I've seen these boots in a couple of blog posts already and was under the assumption that they would be completely out of my price range. Fortunately they're only £32.99, safe to say I had to close my gaping mouth with my hand. They're out of stock at the moment which is a bummer but I'm keeping my eye on them!

Urban Outfitters Mug - I like tea, I like cats. Enough said. 

Limecrime Eyeliner in Lazuli - I'm a bit of a stalker when it comes to Limecrime as I have never actually tried it but I am already in love. After watching endless make-up tutorials on Youtube I've found a desire to get more experimental with my make-up. Why not start with blue eyeliner?

Limecrime Velvetine in Suedeberry - Again with the unjustified love for Limecrime. I absolutely adore the matte finish of the velvetines and have heard wonders about their staying power so I cannot wait to try them out for myself. 

Real Techniques Starter Kit - My desire to get into make-up strikes again and the praise these brushes get is unbelievable. Really good present to give alongside an eye-shadow palette as the brushes in them are always a bit naff. 

Sephora Luster Matte Lip Colour in Deep Plum - A perk of living in France is that they have a Sephora shop which I got ridiculously excited about. My sister is really into make-up so I'm sure I will find the perfect present for her as well as for myself, haha. The colour of this matte lipstick is just divine and perfect for the colder months. 

Limecrime Lipstick in Serpentina - A more 'out-there' colour but still really wearable. I've seen so many make-up looks that combine this bold lip colour with a nude eye and they look really good. Plus shimmery green is oh so festive!

Hearts and bows Velvet Dress - Velvet is always my fabric of choice for winter as it oozes a richness and warmth. I own many velvet items but am yet to add a dress to the collection. Although this dress has really simple lines, there's a gorgeous strap detailing at the back so be sure to click on the link to have a look. This dress would be ideal for a casual Christmas do!

Lush Holly Golightly - Because no one could refuse the prospect of an orange and clove scented bubble bath. 

Nikon D70 Digital SLR Camera - If you read this blog regularly you will know that my camera died a couple months ago (boohoo) and I've been on the hunt for a new one ever since. Being a point-and-shoot gal for ages I thought it was high time I invested in a better and more 'professional' camera. Nothing too fancy

ASOS Roll Neck Jumper - And finally a little something to wrap up warm whilst nursing a hot cup of tea (out of the crazy cat lady mug, of course). Roll necks are such a chic way to wrap up and I'd love to have one in every colour under the sun - though grey is always my go to and my fave for mixing and matching. 

Because if applied directly to my wishlist it's very fitting. 
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