Sunday, 31 August 2014

Charity Shop Haul.

Hello. It's just a quick post before I poodle off to France tomorrow (omg I am so nervous). As promised here's a naff video of me showing you guys all the lovely things I got whilst in Devon and some other bits and pieces. Hope it isn't too unbearable, haha. I actually quite enjoyed the filming and editing process so you never know, there might be hope for me as a Youtuber yet. 

I will most likely be a bit MIA until I find my feet this next week or two, but I am sure you guys will all understand. I have got a couple of posts lined up but whether I'll have internet access to post them is another question. Oh man, I am so nervous. Just thinking about it is making my stomach flip. But I'll be ok, right? If there is anyone who lives or has been to Montpellier then hit me up with cool places to go and what not. I really want to make the most of my year abroad and just soak up the French culture like a sponge. 

Anyway, that's it I guess. Thanks for being the lovely people you are. 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Tartan and Creepers.

Crop Top - H&M
Skirt - Supré (In New Zealand)
Cardigan - Charity Shop
Creepers - eBay
Bag - Vintage

Hello lovelies. I sneaked a few days away from blogging in order to recover from my lengthy travels and finally wash off the smell of gross coaches and trains. After 26 hours of traveling in the space of a week I reckon I deserved a bath, and a long one at that. I've been busy sorting things out for my move to France and finally paid the deposit on my apartment which is exciting. I am still having to pinch myself that I've got a place after being let down so many times. The search was long and hard, let me tell ya. The only thing I have to worry about now is getting along with my French housemates using my shameful grasp of the language. I predict a lot of arm waving and pointing.

Here's an outfit that I sported to catch up with my friends at the pub plus my denim jacket because, oh my, it suddenly got so bloody cold up north. I was shaking so much my teeth were chattering. I guess winter really is coming. 

Weather aside, I am absolutely in love with this skirt but never gets as much wear as it deserves. I saw it whilst I was gallivanting across New Zealand last summer and thought it was THE perfect school girl skirt without looking too Britney Spears-esque. It also has pockets which just makes it perfect in my eyes. I can never say no to a good pocket. 

My blog would not be worthy of its name if I was not seen sporting a crop top every so often, and this little black number - from H&M - is worming its way to becoming my favourite. This crop top just fits like a dream and I am so tempted to pick up the other colours before I move to France, but I'm afraid my suitcase just downright refuses to carry anymore. Sigh.  

On a side note, I managed to sit down and film (yes that's right - film) a little haul video for you guys of what I picked up whilst in Devon and what-not. Once I get my head around editing I will be sure to upload that and share it with you wonderful wonderful people. 

As always, thank you so much for reading, commenting and even following my baby blog. 

Because a friend recommended it and I just cannot get enough. 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Dressing Like A Boy.

Levi's Vest - Vintage
T-Shirt - Ebay
Shirt - Vintage
Belt - Vintage
Jeans - Topshop
Doc Martins - Ebay

Yes I know I am wearing the same vest again, but it's one of those items that I have rediscovered and just cannot get enough of. This is what I wore when I was traveling down to Canterbury so they're a few days old (sorry). The weather looked pretty dismal up north so I thought layering was the best way to go. It was not. I had to ditch the Levi's vest before I ran out the door. However, whilst I was in Canterbury me and my boyfriend got caught in a torrential downpour on our walk back to his place. Safe to say we got soaked. I was wearing my Docs which much to my dismay got absolutely sodden. They're stuffed with newspaper at the moment the poor buggers. 

Currently I'm in the lovely Devon but tomorrow I embark on yet another 8 hour journey back to Canterbury. Dis ere is a tru friend. This is the furthest south I have ever been and I'm having a smashing time hanging out and exploring this corner of the country. I have scouted many a charity shop and scored many a bargain so I'll be sure to share those with you when I am back home. We found a charity shop that was everything for a £1, literally everything. I was like a child in a sweet shop. 

Childhood relived. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Heart Sunglasses.

Dress - Charity Shop
Levi's Waistcoat - Vintage
Socks - Topshop
Shoes - Converse Via Ebay
Sunglasses - Peacocks 

So I really should be packing right now but I haven't blogged in a few days and didn't want to leave without wetting ya'lls palettes, haha. So yes, I am going away (again) but don't get too jealous it's nowhere fancy. I'm travelling down to Canterbury tomorrow and staying with my boyfriend for a couple days before embarking on an 8 hour journey, yes 8 hours, to Plymouth so see my darling friend. She lives in between Devon and Plymouth so I am super excited to explore that part of the UK as it's still uncharted territory to me. If you're from around that area please let me know of any cute places to go and fun things to do! 

So this outfit is another one I recreated from when I was away last time. I don't know what is going on with my hair. Don't ask me what is going on with my hair. I'll be honest, I am a bit on the fence with this dress. I think its really cute, the print is pretty and, I mean come on, who doesn't love a babydoll? However, it has a weird satin-y lining that is really short (doesn't cover my bum) so whenever I wear this dress I feel like its too short and I'm flashing my arse to everyone. I know I'm not, its just the lining makes me feel like I am. Also, the straps are forever slipping down. I don't know, I like it but I don't think it will be coming to France with me. 

Speaking of which (ha), I'm starting a year studying abroad in Montpellier in the south of France (if you live there hit me up!). I still haven't found anywhere to live in and I am supposed to be moving there on the 1st of September. Well, I've booked my flights, so I am going, I just need somewhere to crash. There's a couple of places that are looking promising but no one has confirmed with me yet about a room. It's turned into a bit of a waiting game, which I don't mind I'm not panicking too much yet, but I would rather know now so I can think about a budget at all that boring jazz. Urgh, life is poop sometimes, ya know?

Anyway, I am going to be away from tomorrow until the 22nd so if I don't post that's why. Though I might take my laptop with me, I'm a tad undecided. Just want to say a BIG thank you to anyone and everyone that reads, comments and follows my blog! It's so nice how lovely you all are :) 

Cos I woke up with stuck in my head. 

Friday, 8 August 2014

Kimono and Shorts.

Kimono - Lime 
Crop Top - H&M
Shorts - Ebay
Shoes - Converse (Ebay)
Socks - Topshop
Necklace - Vintage 

I've been home a couple days and as I mentioned in my last post I've recreated some of the outfits that I wore when I was at my boyfriends. The weather was so nice whilst I was down there, so much so that the pairs of tights that I had packed never got a look in. I was so glad I wore this when we spent 4 hours in the Natural History Museum cos, let me tell ya, it was a scorcher and I aint the best when it comes to heat, children and crowds. Though looking at the nice tan I have acquired I shouldn't really complain, especially as it looks like I've spent a week somewhere exotic when I've only been in England. 

So lets give this kimono some attention - cos isn't it just great? I picked it up for £15 at a shop in Leeds called Lime, I don't know if its a national chain or just a northern thing but it's like those many cheap-borderline-tacky-but-there's-sometimes-nice-things sorta shops. They had quite a few kimonos and some, urgh, gorgeous shoes which I avoided getting as I'm moving around so much lately and I just can't carry it all. 

These shorts (and the ones in my previous post) were the result of many a lengthy and tedious Ebay search that ended in being outbid multiple times and a pair or two sent back. I have a hard time getting shorts to fit me because of my hip to waist ratio, I either end up with a gaping waist or cutting off the circulation to my thighs. I persevered, however, and ended up scoring this amazing pair. Admittedly when they first arrived on my doorstep they were far too snug around the waistband but they were such perfect shorts that I couldn't part with them. Fast forward a pizza free month later and my dream shorts finally fit! I'm hoping that with my running and yoga they'll continue to fit me, haha. 

Because this was a pleasant accidental discovery.  

Monday, 4 August 2014

Charity Shop Snob.

Shirt - Charity Shop
Shorts - Ebay
Belt - Vintage

I love it when I wear an outfit that is completely second hand and not bought from chain stores. I love it so much that it actually makes me feel a tad smug. Now, there's a couple reasons for my smugness, firstly because I will have paid next to nothing and secondly because I know I will be the only person donning such an outfit whilst prancing about my lousy village. Lets face it you wouldn't be able to miss me in this dreamy sunset tie dye perfection of a shirt. I picked it up in Canterbury from a charity shop for peanuts, and to top it all off it came with a matching skirt. The skirt is on the big side but I'll find a way to wear it I'm sure. 

Admittedly these are not recent photos as I am currently away from home. I haven't had the chance to take outfit pics which is annoying cos there have been some crackers, let me tell ya. I'll have to recreate them when I get home in a couple days. 

On another note, I've been having a lovely time down at my boyfriends watching many a film and eating so much bad food. Does anyone else find they eat worse with their significant other? We had a day out in London, too, spending all day in the Natural History Museum. I felt like such a kid running around the dinosaur section, if you read this post you'll know my love for a good fossil. I also went to see The Guardians of the Galaxy at the cinema on Friday and it was so good. Although the film is aimed at kids, me and my boyfriend thoroughly enjoyed it even if there were one too many cliches. But holy crap isn't the cinema expensive? I guess that's why I don't go too often. 

Because y'all should go see it. 
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